Some of my favorite Projects

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SENIOR Design Project



Falling Up is an interactive story game designed to raise awareness and empathy for sufferers of Alzheimer's Disease, created with the Unreal Engine.


Web Development

A website dedicated to scheduling donut correspondence. Awarded 2nd place Open Class Display @ KSU Open House.

The website you're on. Created with Squarespace, custom HTML, and a lot of elbow grease.

A website connecting company recruiters with university students. Peer voted as a top database implementation project.

Game Development

Spawn a legion of monsters to destroy the lone hero! Built entirely with web technologies, and playable in browser.

A simple, lightweight version of the classic arcade game "Pong." Web based using vanilla HTML5 and Javascript.

A tech demo demonstrating a procedurally generated 2D tile map. Includes a plyable animated character.

Windows Development

A banking simulation emulating a distributed, multi-threaded network. Created with C#.

A simple Blackjack game using Windows forms. Demonstrates modern object-oriented design. Created with C#, 

Allows traversal of standardized Baseball records, using a native hash map implementation. Created with C#.