I'm a full-time Front-End Developer at Ramsey Solutions. Details are on my resume, and thoughts are on my blog. Feel free to drop me a line.

Fun Facts

  • Diet Pepsi is the best soda.
  • I've been part of improv troupes, a capella groups, and choirs of various size. I sing low bass, and do comedy as time permits.

  • I'm one of the top drummers in Rock Band, and can by association play a real drum set with some proficiency. 

  • Though largely dormant, I co-host and produce a gaming podcast with my good friends, Clay Knapp and Joe Bush. It lives on iTunes as Games and That Podcast.  

  • I type at ≈75 words per minute. I'm in an ongoing battle against my arch rival, Reagan Wood (≈100 wpm).

Great Software

Software That I Use Constantly

  • Mac OSX Desktop operating system of choice.

  • iOSMobile operating system of choice.

  • EvernoteMultiplatform note taking + digital filing cabinet. My favorite third party application by far.

  • Wunderlist - Multiplatfrom to-do list manager. Simple, clean, and powerful.

  • 1PasswordPassword manager with deep OS integration, and an awesome interface.

  • AtomSuper versatile open source text editor.

  • GitHub Desktop - Source control and development collaboration tool.

Great Games

My Favorite Games, In No Particular Order

Great Artists

My Favorite Artists, In No Particular Order

Great Podcasts

Interesting Perspectives